In Such a short time we are fortunate to have created such a wonderful community.  The best compliment we hear from our homeowners is that they want this to be their "forever home."  Since it's our forever home and since we have such a strong community and connection to "the hill" Jill and I are all in favor of that!!  It's really hard to encapsulate in our words, the feeling our homeowners have living here at Willow Creek, so we figured why not let them speak for themselves!!  Oh, and if a picture is worth a 1000 words, then check out the photos they sent us to post as that says it all!




"Living at Willow Creek Estates has been an amazing blend of community and family. Our neighborhood is great for raising children, with safe streets, well-maintained homes, and a close-knit community. We’ve moved many times for work over the years, and this is the first place where we’ve found a real sense of belonging and look forward to settling long term. The neighborhood comes together for events and gatherings often; it’s always something we appreciate and look forward to. Everyone has been so welcoming that it quickly made our new house feel like home."



"As the newest members of the Willow Creek clan (and probably the oldest 🙄), we are so happy to be part of such a friendly and welcoming community of truly nice people. Being part of a real neighborhood is precious to us. We have enjoyed spending time with everyone we have met and look forward to many fun times together in the future. For me, Raj, it’s the wine and the dogs (not so much the golf!). And I look forward to the horses to be visible in the surrounding spaces every time I drive in or out of the street! It’s just great"



"When we moved to Willow Creek from a large city just a few years ago we quickly became enchanted not only by the vibrant horse farm and majestic views, but also the strong sense of community and belonging.  It's been a privilege for us to get to know and help build such a strong and growing neighborhood and we are excited for all that's yet to come."....."Having relocated from Boston I knew moving to Southbury would be an adjustment; however, I could not be more grateful for our worldly and embracing community. While we are all from different walks of life, it’s been an enriching experience to learn from all and build a network of caring neighbors."



"Carol and I built our home here almost five years ago. We still regularly tell each each other how much we love living at Willow Creek. The town of Southbury has a small town vibe, but with all the amenities we need. Hiking and biking trails, outdoor concerts, snowshoeing and pickleball are all accessible activities in the area that we take advantage of. But it’s the peacefulness of sitting on our front porch while  enjoying the view of the ridge line across the way that we love the most. It never gets old."




"As one of the first families to build at Willow Creek, we chose the property for its tranquility, incredible views, and always enjoyable farm life.  Since our move, Willow Creek has blossomed into a neighborhood of wonderful, fun people, all sharing a love for this amazing place, and thus becoming a perfect combination of natural beauty and community.  Due to its safe haven nature, we’re always comfortable when our kids go out and explore this unique property and/or meet up with neighborhood friends.  We feel truly blessed to have found Willow Creek as the place for our forever home."